Cancun, Mexico Vacation!


Summer vacation is a great opportunity to get away from all of the hard work, visit new places, and do things you've never done before. This year my wife and I spent a week in Cancun, Mexico. Traveling out of the country was something that I'd never experienced before, but she had. We took a straight flight and surprisingly, it only took 4 hours! I always get nervous when I fly, but this time I was more excited than anything else. As soon as we landed, I noticed the beautiful palm trees swaying in the wind and the sunny, crystal blue skies of the tropics...we were officially in paradise! Our hotel transportation drove us to our resort where we could settle in and begin to enjoy our time in Mexico. But we can never just walk to our room without peeking around! The water was turquoise blue and sparkling...truly breathtaking! We couldn't wait to jump in! Our resort was designed in such a way that it wasn't a necessity to leave the resort if you didn't really want to to because it was connected to another Royal resort. Ours alone had 3 restaurants, and our favorite...a mini market! We were there everyday getting little knick knacks. We visited some of Cancun's attractions such as Xel-Ha, a natural water and wildlife park. Xel-Ha has many different activities like snorkeling, underwater sea trek, swimming with the dolphins (Erica's favorite) , a natural lazy river, zip-biking, food included, and more! Talk about a great time! X-Plor is another place we went to which has zip-lining, caves, cenotes, ATVs, food included, and more! Spending most of the day underground in the natural cenotes was an incredible experience that words can't have to see it for yourself. Both places gave you the freedom to do whatever you want while in nature; what a feeling, there's nothing like it! On our last day, we went on a jungle tour on a personal boat driven by yours truly; that was a first for me also! Our tour guide Enrique took us out to snorkel in the second largest barrier reef in the world. The sea life was amazing, and it gave us a newfound respect for sea creatures and coral reefs. Of course, spending time in the ocean, lounging on the beach, and relaxing and reading my current book "Destiny" was the main attraction. Erica found her new favorite drink, a virgin banana monkey! She was addicted and once I had a sip, so was I! It's so good! It's a Mexican specialty and we've yet to find it here in the states. All-in-all, Cancun was a great time! We met so many nice people, had fun, and relaxed. I can't wait to see where our next trip takes us!