"He went above and beyond what we expected a realtor to do."


"Maurice is passionate about serving God, helping others, and his family. This passion was instrumental in helping us to sell our home in NOVA. His honesty, dedication, and hard work paid off when God sent the right buyer to our home. He went above and beyond what we expected a realtor to do. His dedication to his clients keeps contact and updates at a high priority. We would recommend Maurice to anyone looking to sell or buy a home in the NOVA/DC/MD area. You find not only a honest and trustworthy realtor with him, but also a friend."

- J.K

"Achieves his job with awesome service throughout"

"Maurice is a fantastic Realtor! He's relatively new to this, but that works in his favor because he's hungry to be better than the rest. Many other realtors are complacent and just kind of do the same thing. Maurice, on the other hand, achieves his job with awesome service throughout. He always has a smile on his face. If you hire Maurice, expect to make a new friend. He'll be in contact with you all the time and trying to help you out. You can't help but like him. Thank you so much Maurice for all your help and your amazing service."

- D.D

"Best decision I could have made!!"

"First time home buyer and I knew I needed a realtor, but where to start... I had no idea. I found him searching through the many realtors on this site (realtor.com). The fact he was a man of God and seemed like we had similar values attracted me. I decided to request his services. Best decision I could have made!! He went above and beyond and made me feel like a person, a friend, and he was always there when I needed him. He didn't pester me during slow periods of waiting but still would just check in form time to time to make sure everything was going smoothly. He would also let me know any updates during the whole process. If something came up he didn't know the answer to he would find the answer for sure. There were so many hiccups in the process to no fault of Maurice but rather other people but he always had my best interest in mind. There were tense moments in the process I was worried about certain things he kept a positive attitude and told me it will be alright. He saved me lots of money on this deal and even my lender the bank mortgage guy was telling me he saved me money. He got involved with the nitty gritty so I wouldn't have to. All I had to do was provide or pay whatever came up as far as the regular things when it comes to purchasing a property and sit back and relax. Even before I found the place I wanted he sent me properties that he thought I would be interested in. Ones with low fees to save me money and really worked to eventually find me the place I will now call home. I would highly recommend him if you want a nice personable guy who will work hard for you and cares about getting you what you want. Excellent!! :)"

- F.B II

“He remembered who his principal was and acted for my interest with zeal”

Maurice is a dedicated real estate agent. As my buyer's agent, Maurice put together a deal in my favor and made it work. I really think the deal would have fallen apart but for his tireless negotiations and seemingly inexhaustible patience. Throughout the purchase process, he remembered who his principal was and acted for my interest with zeal. That makes him a "dedicated" agent! With his help, I was able to navigate through the various options whenever the deal ran into apparent impasses, and choose the best course of action while keeping our cool. At the end of all these troubles, I got the house that I wanted at a good price. Thank you, Maurice for making things happen!! 

- B.J.P

“Trustworthy to hardworking”

I have known Maurice for quite some time and I honestly can say that he has been a true friend to me in a lot of ways. From trustworthy to hardworking I wouldn't find a better real estate agent to work with then him. Maurice will listen to what you need and put the effort in to really match your desires rather then being your typical salesmen. To sum it up I would recommend Mr. Artis to anyone looking for a positive and top quality service. 

— M.K.

"Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice"

I have known Maurice Artis for several years and I can attest to the fact that he is a man of God, honorable and of the highest integrity. He is very professional and is always willing to contribute to the general well-being of others, whether it is taking time out of his schedule to help them or simply treating them with kindness. He is a realtor who has pledged to a strict Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice. Maurice is a self-motivated entrepreneur. Having a desire to control his own professional destiny and be his own boss. I have no doubt that he is destined to be very successful in real estate because he has a high degree of self-motivation, drive, and smart decision making. I would not hesitate or think twice to solicit his service as a Real Estate Agent when I am ready to purchase my next property! 

— A.T.

"Catering to the needs of his clients"

I have known Maurice for years and can tell you that you that he is a real stand up guy, he always looks out for the best interests of everyone he deals with. He is an excellent problem solver and is extremely concerned with catering to the needs of his clients. Maurice has been a local resident of the area for many years and knows the market very well. If you are looking for anything to do with real estate Maurice Artis is the man for the job! 

— S.R.

“Home ownership dreams come true”

Maurice Artis is the definition of kind, caring, hard-working, and trustworthy. With his attentiveness and dedication to service, there will be a lot of happy new home owners in the area! Let Maurice help you make your home ownership dreams come true. You can't go wrong. 

— T.S.


Maurice is a passionate, driven young man and great with people! Such a genuine person to talk to and will go out of his way to help. If you are looking for someone who is attentive and will give you the best experience, he is definitely your guy.

— A.J.

"I Highly recommend him"

Maurice is an upstanding, wonderful individual who can steer you in the right direction. I highly recommend him.

— C.R.

"His integrity is exceptional"

The first word i think of when i about Maurice Artis is honesty. As a real estate agent there is no better feeling to have than trust. He is dedicated to finding the right home for you and your family. He understands that buying a home is a potential life long commitment. His integrity is exceptional. He is a family man that has the patience to stick with you until you find the home that is perfect for you and your family. He is magnanimous with his time and concern for your well being. If you are serious about home ownership look no further than Maurice Artis. 

— C.C.

“Honest, intelligent, hardworking, friendly”

Maurice is an exceptional individual. Honest, intelligent, hardworking, and friendly. Always smiling and eager to help people out. 

— M.M.

“Will go above and beyond to help others”

Maurice Artis is incredibly talented, kind and hardworking. He will go above and beyond to help others. He will work with you and attend to his clients needs during their home purchase to make it a smooth process and happy time for all!

— M.G.

“Passionate about what he does”

Maurice is passionate about what he does and he is a great person overall! 

— D.R.


Great go getter enthusiastic and passionate about what he does. 

— B.Y.

"Compassionate service"

Conscientious, comprehensive and compassionate service. Work with you from start to finish. Wont drop you in the middle of negotiations until the sale is done or you have your key to your new home. 

— M.A.